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Millions of people, from teenagers to adults, deal with acne in the United States, making it the most common skin condition in the country. As a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Victoria Negrete understands both the medical and cosmetic sides of this problem, which is why she uses cutting-edge technology for acne treatment in Appleton, WI. At Excelin Medical Spa, the team believes that even if acne is common, the treatment does not have to be.

Broadband light has a range of beneficial applications, from fading sun spots to preventing further signs of aging, but it is especially suited as an acne treatment, since the various wavelengths available address different aspects of an acne outbreak.

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How Does BBL Work as an Acne Treatment?

All acne flare-ups are the result of P. acnes bacteria multiplying inside a follicle plugged by oil and dead skin cells. Whiteheads and blackheads are the earliest stages of acne, with the follicle walls still intact. A rupture leads to inflammation as white blood cells gather in the follicle, causing the redness and swelling of pimples and, if the condition worsens, nodules and cysts.

As an acne treatment, broadband light has three separate steps, each utilizing a specific wavelength. First, blue light directly targets the bacteria, reducing their numbers on and in the skin. Second, yellow light reduces inflammation, leading to a reduction in the appearance of inflammatory lesions and even prevents new areas from starting.

By preventing further inflammation, this acne treatment also reduces the chance of developing more severe acne and related scars—and can reduce the appearance of scars that already exist in the skin.

Finally, infrared light encourages the skin to kick its natural healing processes into gear, boosting the effects of the first two steps of a BBL acne treatment.

Patients who have acne that has progressed to the point of forming scars can talk to Dr. Negrete about options for addressing acne scars. Dermal fillers can add volume to depressions to create smoother skin, while chemical peels, microneedling, Halo® resurfacing, Vivace, and other options can also reduce visible scars. Talk to one of the excellent staff memebers to determine the best plan for your needs.

Meet Our Team
The team at Excelin Medical Spa is made up of skilled professionals and is here to help with all of your skin-care needs.

What Is a BBL Acne Treatment Like?

Since acne can appear all over the body and in varying degrees of development and intensity, each acne treatment session is unique. Broadband light is designed with efficiency in mind, so treatment sessions are generally quick. The device itself works to keep the skin cool even as the light generates heat in the skin, making the treatment more comfortable.

No down time is required after acne treatment. Results are gradual, as bacteria die off and inflammation resolves, but skin-clearing results can be visible even after just one session. However, weekly sessions over four to six weeks have shown to have the best results.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Acne Treatment?

As an acne treatment, broadband light is most effective on patients who have mild to moderate inflammation and pustules. Anyone with nodules or cystic acne will likely require a different strategy, often requiring prescription medications.

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What Else is Broadband Light Used For?

The light waves that are so effective when it comes to reducing inflammation and killing bacteria can also be applied to treating signs of aging—and preventing them from appearing in the first place. Among the cosmetic treatments available at Excelin Medical Spa are corrective BBL to deal with brown spots, redness, and skin rejuvenation with preventive BBL to physically change skin cells for a more youthful look.

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