Longer days and warmer, more humid weather take a toll on the skin. Sweat, oil, and dirt build up more heavily during these months, causing your pores to become congested. It’s common for your overheated skin to become dehydrated or breakouts to occur. If these skin issues sound familiar to you, it may be a good idea to change your overall skincare routine instead of just reaching for the nearest acne gel or hiding imperfections behind heavy concealer. The best way to start may be with a treatment such as microneedling or a relaxing facial. For Appleton, WI patients and anyone else with similar skin struggles, here’s what our skincare professionals at Excelin Medical Spa recommend doing to keep your skin clear, balanced, and soft on sunny days.

Chemical Peels and Facials

Summer is an ideal time an exfoliating chemical peel or facial. Peels remove dead skin in a mild, gentle way to minimize damage such as blotchy discoloration. They also stimulate healthy new skin growth, take away excess oil, and unblock pores. One of the best things about chemical peels and facials is that they can be customized for the specific concerns and goals of individual patients. Note that you’ll need to protect treated skin from the sun for some time after having a chemical peel, but this is a common necessity after a range of skin treatments. Also, consider a three-in-one HydraFacial® to exfoliate, extract, and infuse the skin with a carefully selected serum.


Spots and uneven textures are common, especially in older skin that has suffered years of ultraviolet radiation damage. Microneedling is a great way to give your skin a complete refresher. The treatment starts the skin’s natural healing process through controlled micro-injuries, and collagen is gradually generated over time to improve the overall texture.

Keep Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is important all year round, but the habit is especially critical during the summer, because we lose a lot of water from the body and may become dehydrated from sweating or need more fluids to heal sunburned skin.

Switch Up Skin Products

During hotter, more humid months, swap heavier creams for more lightweight, foamy cleansers and oil-free moisturizers with SPF added. Try overnight hydrating serums and spritz toners to calm the skin.

Need more advice on protecting your skin during the summer? Our staff at Excelin Medical Spa is available to answer your questions. To schedule an appointment for a facial or another procedure in Appleton, WI, call us at 920-931-0022 or submit a form with your contact details.

Dr. Victoria Negrete

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