An Injectable for Addressing Wrinkles in the Appleton, WI, Area

Not all wrinkles—or patients—are the same, which is why Excelin Medical Spa offers multiple solutions for rejuvenating the face. With Dysport®, Appleton, WI, women and men who want smoother skin can get long-lasting results with a few simple injections. Dr. Victoria Moss, administer the injections, which can be used to treat crow’s feet, forehead lines, frown lines, wrinkles on the chin and around the mouth, and more.

Dysport® works in much the same way as BOTOX® Cosmetic, as both are neuromodulators derived from botulinum toxin, which prevents nerve interactions that cause muscle contractions. When injected into specific areas on the face, the targeted muscles stay at rest, leading to a reduction in the appearance of their associated wrinkles. Dysport® differs from BOTOX® in that results tend to be visible sooner, and the medication has a greater tendency to spread slightly. This diffusion makes it particularly well suited for areas with wrinkles covering a larger area.

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