Tired of Waxing, Plucking, and Shaving in Appleton, WI?

The problem with unwanted hair is that it grows back so quickly after being shaved or pulled out. For anyone who wants a break from the razors, tweezers, and wax, there is laser hair removal. In Appleton, WI, at Excelin Medical Spa, experienced aestheticians use Forever Bare BBL by Sciton to clear a variety of face and body areas of hair—no plucking required.

Forever Bare BBL is designed to be fast, comfortable, safe, and effective. The results can be considered permanent, making this a popular option for women and men alike.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Every hair on the body grows from a follicle, so long-term hair reduction strategies need to focus on the follicle. Laser hair removal involves an aesthetician using a carefully calibrated device to send multiple bursts of laser light into the skin, where the energy is absorbed by pigmented cells in the follicles as heat. This heat builds until it disables the follicle, rendering it unable to grow hair as it did before.

Because laser hair removal is so dependent on pigment, it works best on lighter skin types and darker hair. Forever Bare BBL is made to effectively treat patients with light to a darker olive skin tone.

Laser hair removal also works only on follicles that are in an active growth phase, which typically includes about 70 percent of the total number at a given time. For ideal results, patients should come to Excelin Medical Spa for six to eight treatment sessions, spaced roughly four to six weeks apart.

What Is Laser Hair Removal Like?

Given the variety of skin tones and specific areas people want to be hair-free— whether it’s an upper lip, full back, or bikini line hair removal—no two treatment sessions will be the same. Details, such as laser hair removal cost and the total number of required sessions, are best discussed at a consultation, when we can assess the unique situation.

That said, Forever Bare BBL is designed specifically to allow for shorter treatment times and continually cool the skin throughout the laser hair removal process to minimize discomfort before, during, and after.

What Are the Other Laser and Light Options?

In addition to laser hair removal, Excelin Medical Spa also uses BBL, which stands for BroadBand Light, for both preventing and treating signs of aging, including age spots, redness, and visible blood vessels. It can also help to manage acne.

Another laser option, Halo® by Sciton, is a customizable treatment that allows patients to determine the intensity of their facial rejuvenation—and thereby the necessary recovery time afterward.

From Sientra, miraDry® is a device that delivers focused energy into the underarm area to destroy sweat glands there. The result is a significant reduction in both moisture and odor. This treatment is offered at Forefront Dermatology in Neenah.

SkinTyte by Sciton is an infrared light-based device that heats loose skin to stimulate natural healing processes and partially coagulate the collagen there to give the skin a firmer, tighter look.

Learn more about any of these treatments by contacting the Excelin Medical Spa team.

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