Get More Youthful Mid-Face Contours in Appleton, WI

Over time, loss of facial fat and collagen in the mid-face can lead to a sunken look due to flat cheeks and sagging skin—both of which can be addressed by the technologically advanced Silhouette InstaLift. Appleton, WI, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Victoria Moss is trained and experienced in the innovative suspension sutures, which are a minimally invasive solution that yield both immediate and long-term results.

How Does Silhouette InstaLift Work?

As a protein found throughout the skin, collagen serves as organic scaffolding to hold tissues in place, maintaining youthful contours. Fat also adds volume, which keeps skin taut and pleasantly round. Aging leads to a reduction in collagen as it breaks down and is more slowly replaced in the skin. Coupled with fat shifting lower on the face, even as it diminishes, collagen loss can lead to noticeable—and even dramatic—cosmetic changes.

Silhouette InstaLift was designed to be a dual-solution treatment, using sutures to hold tissues in position higher on the face, as well as stimulating fresh collagen production to boost volume where it is needed.

What Is a Silhouette InstaLift Treatment Like?

Dr. Moss, will first insert a series of sutures into the mid-face, with no incisions necessary. Once the sutures are in place, the skin can be lifted and adjusted into a more youthful position, then held in place by specialized bidirectional cones found along the length of the sutures.

Also known as a “sugar” lift, the sutures are made of PLGA, a molecule similar to Sculptra®, known to stimulate collagen. These sutures encourage collagen production, serving to stimulate new growth in the treatment area. Over time, usually 9 to 15 months, the sutures will dissolve, leaving behind the naturally built structure to support the adjusted facial contours. The results last beyond two years.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Silhouette InstaLift?

Women and men alike who want to improve their facial contours may be good candidates for Silhouette InstaLift. The treatment is not appropriate for patients with suture allergies, or those who have facial tissue that is thin enough to reveal the shape or appearance of the sutures themselves. The appropriateness of this—or any treatment—can be determined at an initial consultation. In addition to treating the midface, Silhouette InstaLift can be used to lift jowls as well as the neck region.

Are There Other Options for Improving Facial Contours?

At Excelin Medical Spa, Dr. Moss offers a range of treatments to accommodate the breadth of diversity found in patients’ skin and cosmetic goals. Aside from Silhouette InstaLift for adjusting facial contours, Juvederm® fillers are also on the spa’s menu of services. Specifically, the hyaluronic acid-based Voluma® XC can be injected to add volume to the apples of the cheeks, which creates roundness there and provides a lift.

Patients who want to lift their facial tissues often have other cosmetic concerns as well, since it is rare that aging only impacts a single feature or area. Talk to the Excelin Medical Spa team to discover the treatments available.

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