Cut Down on Underarm Odor and Sweating in Neenah, WI


As an experienced dermatologist, Dr. Margaret Maxi and Dave Kuphal, PA-C customize each treatment to the patient and offers miraDry® in the Forefront Dermatology Neenah office.

Forefront Dermatology was the first to bring miraDry® to the Fox Valley region, having the  most local experience with the treatment, both in duration and number of treatments.

One to two sessions is a highly effective, lasting solution and takes only about an hour to complete.

Anyone tired of telltale stains, sopping shirts, and clothes ruined by constant salty soakings can find relief from seemingly never-ending deodorant and antiperspirant applications with miraDry®. Available at Neenah’s Forefront Dermatology location, the treatment is quick, comfortable, and entirely non-surgical. Most importantly, the results are permanent.

Dr. Margaret Maxi and Dave Kuphal, PA-C customize the treatment based on the size of the patient’s armpits. Once properly positioned, the miraDry® device uses precisely delivered energy to destroy key sweat glands in the skin, offering an effective and lasting solution to problem sweat.

How Does miraDry® Work?

The miraDry® treatment begins with applying a template to the underarm area based on the size of the armpits. This template will guide the device as it pulls the skin close and delivers microwave energy into the targeted tissue. Before the treatment is started, the areas are numbed in a quick and easy manner for patient comfort.

This energy is absorbed by sweat glands, which heat up to the point of being irreparably damaged. Sweat glands do not re-grow once destroyed, so the results are considered both immediate and permanent.

What Can miraDry® Treat?

There are two types of glands that contribute to sweating: eccrine, which produce moisture to cool the skin as it evaporates, and apocrine, which produce a unique fluid that causes body odor when it interacts with bacteria on the skin. A miraDry® treatment destroys both. In addition to reducing sweat and odor, miraDry® has also been cleared to decrease hair growth in the treated areas.

Since these underarm glands make up only a small fraction of the total number of sweat glands on the body—about 80,000 out of 4 million—incapacitating them does not significantly impact a person’s overall ability to sweat and regulate their temperature. Sweat glands found literally all over the rest of the body will continue to operate normally.

While results can be seen and felt after one treatment, most patients will need two treatments to achieve the best results.

Treatment Details

Expect a miraDry® session to last roughly an hour, from start to finish.

Since there are no incisions or sutures to worry about, there is not a lot of down time necessary after a session. Many patients go right back to their typical daily schedules the day after getting miraDry®, though it is standard to refrain from exercise and other rigorous activity for a few days.

Common side effects include temporary feelings of tingling, numbness, and soreness in the underarm area, as well as swelling. These sensations should resolve on their own in a matter of days or weeks.

At this point, miraDry® is available only for treating underarm sweat, but in the future it may be used to reduce sweating in the hands and feet.

What Can Complement Sweat Reduction with miraDry®?

Patients who address underarm sweating and odor may also be interested in laser hair removal, which uses light energy to damage active follicles, greatly reducing the hair that grows in the area.

Other nonsurgical treatments that send energy into the skin for cosmetic benefits include preventive and corrective BBLHalo® for skin rejuvenation and acne treatment.

Many of these treatments can be combined, so the effects produce an overall refreshed and revitalized look.

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